She sees beyond the superficiality of her Greek letters. She works for the advancement of the community. She supports you in your endeavors, struggles and challenges. She appreciates you for the things she understands and those that she doesn’t. She serves as a symbol of progress and growth.

she is a lambda lady

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Since our founding in 1975, Lambda Theta Alpha has evolved and continues to be a leader among the fraternal community while remaining true to our Founders’ purpose and mission – to establish a sisterhood based on unity, love and respect, and to serve as a support group catering to the needs of and empowering Latinas in higher education.

Although the cultural climate has changed, those ideals still resonate with us. LTA has a motto, “Latin by tradition, not by definition.” As a non-exclusionary sorority open to all ethnicities and backgrounds, the women who join LTA today still feel the need to promote those same values on their campus.

The actions of our Founding Mothers have allowed independent women on campus to feel a sense of belonging, creating an environment that allows them to achieve their highest potential. It is as a result of this that Lambda Theta Alpha has come to define a new role for the universal woman – one with education, goals and vision in hope of great success.

our commitments

EDUCATION founded as an academic sorority, the academic achievement of our sisters is integral to their development and active membership. We make education a high priority. We ensure our sisters’ academic excellence by providing resources and support for chapter educational programming, which includes hosting study skills workshops, time management seminars and study sessions not only for sisters but entire campus communities.
PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT our sorority nurtures an environment meant to challenge sisters to think critically about the complex world around them. Thinking more effectively allows them to better respond to adversity and leads to improved decision-making. By developing their leadership skills, intrapersonal/interpersonal skills, network and support system, our sisters attain the core competencies and skill development essential to their growth as leaders on campus and transition into the workplace.
COMMUNITY ACTIVISM since its inception, Lambda Theta Alpha has believed in social justice and equality. One way our sisters realize these beliefs is through our National Political Education Initiative Committee, which brings awareness to issues affecting marginalized communities and sisters. Using our position as leaders on campus and in the community, we strive to continue working towards the enrichment of the disenfranchised – dedicating our time to not only raising awareness, but also bringing about reform for access to opportunities and prosperity for all.

interested in joining?

Lambda Theta Alpha recognizes the value in forming a united coalition of professional, diverse, culturally and politically conscious women. We believe that all women alike should be given the opportunity to make their mark on the world. It is as a result of this that Lambda Theta Alpha prides itself on offering interested members recruitment activities that provide:

  • important information about the sorority
  • the opportunity to participate in community service and educational events alongside chapter members
  • a chance to enhance leadership and professional skills; and
  • the ability to form bonds with sisters and other women who are interested in the sorority

PLEASE NOTE: Participation in recruitment activities is not mandatory to apply for membership but can provide valuable insight as to what it would be like to be part of a chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha. If you currently possess a bachelor’s degree or are pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree, please refer to our Alumnae page.

Our sorority goes beyond your college years; it is a lifetime commitment, support and opportunity. Your collegiate experience will include participation in chapter meetings, social events, community service projects and leadership opportunities that will support you beyond graduation. It is our hope that when you achieve higher education goals, attain your first professional job, expand your family or move to a new city, that our sorority will be part of your story.

Connect with sisters and start your journey today by searching for a chapter near you using the map below. If you cannot find a chapter and would like more information on starting one, click here.

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*Graduate students seeking membership would do so with an Alumnae chapter, please click here.

Alpha Kean University
Beta Bloomfield College
Gamma The College of New Jersey
Delta Seton Hall University
Epsilon Rutgers University New Brunswick, New Jersey
Zeta Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Eta Fairleigh Dickinson University and Caldwell College
Theta Rowan University
Iota Rider University
Kappa University of Connecticut
Lambda Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico
Mu Ramapo College of New Jersey
Nu Montclair State University
Xi Manhattan College, The College of New Rochelle and Iona College
Omicron Upsala College
Pi West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Rho Rutgers University-Camden
Sigma William Paterson University
Tau Monmouth University
Upsilon University of Maryland, College Park
Phi New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers University-Newark
Chi University of Florida
Psi Central Connecticut State University
Omega Reserved for deceased sisters
Beta Alpha University of Hartford and Trinity College
Beta Beta Le Moyne College
Beta Gamma University of South Florida
Beta Delta California State University, Long Beach
Beta Epsilon University of Pennsylvania and Temple University
Beta Zeta Loyola Marymount University
Beta Eta Texas A&M University
Beta Theta University of Central Florida
Beta Iota Arizona State University
Beta Kappa University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Beta Lambda Pennsylvania State University
Beta Mu University of North Texas
Beta Nu University of Texas at Arlington
Beta Xi San Jose State University
Beta Omicron University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Beta Pi Eastern Michigan University
Beta Rho New Jersey City University and Saint Peter’s College, New Jersey
Beta Sigma University of Miami
Beta Tau University at Buffalo and Buffalo State College
Beta Upsilon Western Connecticut State University
Beta Phi University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Beta Chi Eastern Illinois University
Beta Psi Northwestern University
Beta Omega Wayne State University
Gamma Alpha University of Virginia
Gamma Beta Vanderbilt University
Gamma Gamma University of Tennessee
Gamma Delta Nova Southeastern University
Gamma Epsilon Florida State University
Gamma Zeta University of California, Riverside
Gamma Eta University of Houston
Gamma Theta Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi
Gamma Iota Florida Atlantic University
Gamma Kappa University of New Mexico
Gamma Lambda California State University, Fullerton
Gamma Mu University of Wisconsin–Madison
Gamma Nu Emory University
Gamma Xi Sam Houston State University
Gamma Omicron University of Washington, Seattle
Gamma Pi Florida International University
Gamma Rho Texas Tech University
Gamma Sigma California State University, San Bernardino
Gamma Tau California State University, Los Angeles
Gamma Upsilon California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Gamma Phi Cornell University
Gamma Chi The University of Texas at Austin
Gamma Psi San Diego State University
Gamma Omega Georgia Institute of Technology
Delta Alpha The University of Georgia
Delta Beta Georgia State University
Delta Gamma University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Delta Delta University of North Carolina Wilmington
Delta Epsilon George Mason University
Delta Zeta Stony Brook University
Delta Eta University of Idaho
Delta Theta University of California, Santa Barbara
Delta Iota Middle Tennessee State University
Delta Kappa St. John’s University (New York)
Delta Lambda West Virginia University
Delta Mu Western Illinois University
Delta Nu Loyola University
Delta Xi Lewis Clark State College
Delta Omicron University of California, Berkeley
Delta Pi University of Delaware
Delta Rho University of California, Los Angeles
Delta Sigma Texas Wesleyan University
Delta Tau San Francisco State University
Delta Upsilon Lehigh University
Delta Phi University of Southern California
Delta Chi California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Delta Psi Towson University
Delta Omega California State University, Northridge
Epsilon Alpha Kennesaw State University
Epsilon Beta University of Chicago
Epsilon Gamma University of Illinois at Chicago
Epsilon Delta DePaul University
Epsilon Epsilon Eastern Washington University
Epsilon Zeta University of Vermont
Epsilon Eta Villanova University
Epsilon Theta East Carolina University
Epsilon Iota Humboldt State University
Epsilon Kappa University of Arizona
Epsilon Lambda Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Epsilon Mu State University of New York – Oneonta
Epsilon Nu North Carolina State University
Epsilon Xi California State University, Fresno
Epsilon Omicron Binghamton University – State University of New York
Epsilon Pi Michigan State University
Epsilon Rho Texas Christian University
Epsilon Sigma University of California Irvine
Epsilon Tau Lewis University
Epsilon Upsilon University of California, Davis
Epsilon Phi University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Epsilon Chi University of California, Santa Cruz
Epsilon Psi State University of New York, Albany
Epsilon Omega University of Memphis
Zeta Alpha Virginia Commonwealth University
Zeta Beta University of West Georgia
Zeta Gamma Iowa State University
Zeta Delta Boise State University
Zeta Epsilon Syracuse University
Zeta Zeta California State University, East Bay
Zeta Eta Idaho State University
Zeta Theta Johnson C. Smith University
Zeta Iota Heritage University
Zeta Kappa State University of New York – Plattsburgh
Zeta Lambda Western Michigan University
Zeta Mu Duke University
Zeta Nu Hofstra University
Zeta Xi University of Missouri
Zeta Omicron Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Zeta Pi Salisbury University
Zeta Rho University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Zeta Sigma Washington State University
Zeta Tau Aurora University
Zeta Upsilon Northern Illinois University
Zeta Phi Denison University
Zeta Chi University of Northern Colorado
Zeta Psi California State University,
Dominguez Hills
Zeta Omega The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Eta Alpha University of Northern Iowa
Eta Beta State University of New York – Cortland
Eta Gamma University of California, San Diego
Eta Delta California State University, Sacramento
Eta Epsilon California State University, Chico
Eta Zeta Stephen F. Austin State University
Eta Eta The George Washington University