Omega Chapter

    Omega Chapter has been dedicated to the members of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated that are deceased. Historically we honor these members with the title Lambda Angels. During our national banquet a moment of silence and information about each member has been incorporated into the program to reflect on our Lambda Angel’s accomplishments and the great loss that our Sisterhood has experienced. In recent years a ceremony has been conducted at our national annual convention.

    Below is a list of the members that have been inducted into Omega Chapter:

    • Founding Sister Lourdes Cortes
      Omicron Chapter
      Spring 1993

    • Honorary Sister & Chapter Advisor
      Dr. Sylvia Feliciano

      Zeta Chapter
    • Honorary Sister Emilia Herrera (Heredia)
      Eta Chapter
    • Honorary Sister Melanie Rosado
      Psi Chapter

    • Founding Sister Alyssa Estevez
      Gamma Epsilon Chapter
      Spring 2001

    • Evie Burgos Hernandez
      Zeta Chapter
      Spring 1990

    • Founding Mother Lillian Marrero
      Alpha Chapter
    • Benny Esmeralda Abreu
      Beta Theta Chapter
      Spring 2009
    • Founding Sister Paulina Annette Garcia
      Beta Xi Chapter
      Spring 2000
    • Founding Sister Luanda Elizabeth Cavaco
      Beta Alpha Chapter
      Spring 1996
    • Patricia Vasquez
      Beta Phi Chapter
      Spring 2005

    • Mercedes Fabor
      Mu Chapter
      Fall 1999

    • Stephanie Irene Murrel
      Gamma Chapter
      Spring 1982

    • Theresa Nerney Melfi
      Gamma Chapter
      Spring 1984

    • Merlin Bello
      Xi Chapter
      Fall 2003
    • Senobia Ortega
      Beta Nu Chapter
      Spring 2001
    • Johanna “Jo-Jo” Loaiza
      Alpha Chapter
      Fall 1997
    • Leydi Perdomo
      Delta Epsilon Chapter
      Spring 2013
    • Mayra Alejandra Cortes-Mojarra
      Epsilon Epsilon Chapter
      Spring 2015
    • Secely Jewel Benejan
      Epsilon Psi Chapter
      Fall 2017
    • Jacqueline Canales
      Delta Nu Chapter
      Spring 2013
    • Founding Sister Diana Bermudez Ornelas
      Eta Delta Chapter
      Fall 2019
    • Margarita “Maggie” Vizcarra
      Beta Eta Chapter
      Fall 2008
    • Gina Vasquez
      Sigma Chapter
      Spring 1999
    • Heliana Pelaez Lisciandra
      Iota Chapter
      Fall 1996
    • Maria Cerpa
      Epsilon Sigma Chapter
      Fall 2016
    • Natalie Villanueva
      Zeta Eta Chapter
      Spring 2016