Lambda Theta Alpha is a way of life

founding mother, Dr. Thomasa Gonzalez


Lambda Theta Alpha believes in a sisterhood that transcends every phase of life and strives to provide a place for post-baccalaureate women to continue embracing the life of the universal woman – family, career, community and academics.

One of the best ways to become part of the sorority’s continued progress and growth is to stay active as an alumna. Alumnae membership offers an instant connection to lifelong friendships, professional development, networking and service opportunities. As an alumna, you receive the benefits of sisterhood while taking advantage of opportunities to continue developing your leadership skills, serving your community through philanthropy or social justice projects and enhancing undergraduate programs through your professional and personal experience.


not active?

Becoming an active alumna is easy! There are many ways to stay involved with the sorority:

  • Locally through an alumnae chapter near you – Living abroad? Pick the alumnae chapter of your choice to activate your membership. Don’t have an alumnae chapter within two hours of you? Contact the Director of Recruitment and Retention and Director of Alumnae Affairs to work towards establishing a chapter in your area.
  • Serving in Leadership – National, regional or area leaders receive subsidized dues in exchange for their service. Opportunities to join in a leadership capacity take place during elections in April.
  • Applying for Lifetime membership to ensure you will always be active – Members who have at least 10 years of membership may apply for this special opportunity and affirm their lifetime commitment.

Whatever path you choose to remain active, we hope you do. The experiences you had and lessons you learned while being a member are valuable to our newer sisters and vital to our continued success.

not yet a member?

If you are a post-baccalaureate woman interested in joining a lifelong sisterhood, Lambda Theta Alpha may be for you! We are committed to fostering an atmosphere that promotes friendships, educational, political and cultural advancement, as well as personal and professional development. Our members are unique and come from all walks of life and yet we all share the bond of sisterhood.

Check out the chapter locator to find a chapter near you to begin your journey to sisterhood!

Alpha Alpha Montclair, New Jersey
Alpha Beta Hartford, Connecticut
Alpha Gamma Austin, Texas
Alpha Delta Silver Spring, Maryland
Alpha Epsilon New York, New York
Alpha Zeta Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Alpha Eta Los Angeles, California
Alpha Theta Seattle, Washington
Alpha Iota Nashville, Tennessee
Alpha Kappa Madison, Wisconsin
Alpha Lambda Chicago, Illinois
Alpha Mu Detroit, Michigan
Alpha Nu Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Alpha Xi Alexandria, Virginia
Alpha Omicron Phoenix, Arizona
Alpha Pi Boston, Massachusetts
Alpha Rho Raleigh, North Carolina
Alpha Sigma Atlanta, Georgia
Alpha Tau Albuquerque, New Mexico
Alpha Upsilon Orlando, Florida
Alpha Phi Dallas, Texas
Alpha Chi San Francisco, California
Alpha Psi Denver, Colorado
Alpha Omega Paterson, New Jersey
Alpha Alpha Alpha Houston, Texas
Alpha Alpha Beta San Diego, California
Alpha Alpha Gamma Atlantic City, New Jersey
Alpha Alpha Delta Charlotte, North Carolina