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board of directors

Lambda Theta Alpha is governed by a board of directors elected every two years

The Board of Directors oversees all sorority operations. The board is structured to ensure that all viewpoints are considered in decision-making and is devoted to ensuring the sorority is positioned to be a viable organization long into the future while remaining true to our values and principles.

To contact the Board of Directors collectively, send an email to directors@lambdalady.org.

  • National President
    Alexis Degraffenreid
    Delta Beta Chapter
    Fall 2008

  • Vice President of Internal Affairs
    Michelle Grossman
    Gamma Beta Chapter
    Spring 2010

  • lambda_board2
  • Vice President of External Affairs
    Nathalie Canadas
    Upsilon Chapter
    Spring 2003

  • Vice President of Administration
    Liz Beth Sánchez
    Alpha Eta Alumnae Chapter
    Fall 2015

  • Vice President of Finance
    Adrianna Samaniego
    Delta Alpha Chapter
    Spring 2008
  • Director of Risk Management
    Aleyda Cantu-Olivarez
    Beta Eta Chapter
    Spring 2012
  • Director of Alumnae Affairs
    Lisandra Sanchez
    Beta Epsilon Chapter
    Fall 2001
  • Ana Romero
  • Director of Orientation
    Ana Romero
    Alpha Delta Alumnae Chapter
    Fall 2009
  • Wendy2
  • Director of Recruitment and Retention
    Wendy Castro
    Gamma Tau Chapter
    Spring 2004

    national advisors

    • Ofelia Oviedo
      Founding Mother
      Alpha Chapter 1975
    • Rosa Diaz
      Sigma Chapter
      Fall 1993
    • Merlix Reynolds
      Chi Chapter
      Spring 1998
    • Amethyst Thorman
      Beta Eta Chapter
      Spring 2004
    • Elisa A. Oliver
      Gamma Epsilon Chapter
      Spring 2006

    To contact the National Advisors collectively, send an email to advisors@lambdalady.org.

    regional officers

    The Regional Boards oversee the operation of the Area Boards across the country and serve as a liaison between the Board of Directors and Area Boards. Our organization is comprised of seven regions:

    area officers

    The primary purpose of the Area Boards is to oversee and support all of the local chapters within their area. The Area Boards were created in order to give chapters in one state, or chapters within a particular area of a state, the access to leadership for guidance and supervision needed to function more effectively. The Area Boards provide opportunities for chapters to collaborate with one another and serve as an avenue to stay abreast of sorority news. There are currently 27 areas:

    Arizona / New Mexico Area 1 aznm1@lambdalady.org
    California Area 1 caa1@lambdalady.org
    California Area 2 caa2@lambdalady.org
    California Area 3 caa3@lambdalady.org
    California Area 4 caa4@lambdalady.org
    Connecticut Area 1 cta1@lambdalady.org
    Florida Area 1 fla1@lambdalady.org
    Florida Area 2 fla2@lambdalady.org
    Georgia Area 1 gaa1@lambdalady.org
    Illinois Area 1 ila1@lambdalady.org
    Illinois Area 2 ila2@lambdalady.org
    Maryland Area 1 mda1@lambdalady.org
    Michigan Area 1 mia1@lambdalady.org
    New Jersey Area 1 nja1@lambdalady.org
    New Jersey Area 2 nja2@lambdalady.org
    New Jersey Area 3 nja3@lambdalady.org
    New York Area 1 nya1@lambdalady.org
    New York Area 2 nya2@lambdalady.org
    North Carolina Area 1 nca1@lambdalady.org
    North Carolina Area 2 nca2@lambdalady.org
    Pennsylvania Area 1 paa1@lambdalady.org
    Tennessee Area 1 tna1@lambdalady.org
    Texas Area 1 txa1@lambdalady.org
    Texas Area 2 txa2@lambdalady.org
    Virginia Area 1 vaa1@lambdalady.org
    Washington / Idaho Area 1 wia1@lambdalady.org
    Washington / Idaho Area 2 wia2@lambdalady.org