Lambda Theta Alpha Announces New Partnership with Wize

Lambda Theta Alpha is proud to announce its new partnership with Wize, an online learning platform that has Master’s & Ph.D. level tutors that provide video lessons, practice question sets, and PDF note packages tailored for members and their exact courses and subjects of study. Wize has set up an exclusive package through our Get As with LTA program to give our members 100% free access until March 15, 2021

LTA members attending major universities across the country can benefit from Wize services in various ways, such as the necessary tools and resources to get better and desired grades. Wize offers exclusive opportunities to engage in collaboration with expert educators to ask questions no matter the level of difficulty. 

One out of the many various educational resources offered at Wize is the Wize Study Room which allows members to connect in real-time with top tutors for their course(s), providing a non-interruptive and interactive experience. Wize is convenient because it allows members to communicate with a tutor anytime, from anywhere, along with unlimited access to previous sessions which are saved and accessible at any moment. 

Wize makes learning more simpler, accessible, and personalized, allowing students to get the best out of their tutoring experience. Their values included providing students with a flexible and idea-friendly environment to help them thrive, develop, and grow. 

Additionally, Wize has been interviewed and mentioned in well-known media outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, The Morning Show on Global News, Yahoo, Betakit, TechCrunch, and Tech Couve. We are excited about our new partnership with Wize and hope that our members take advantage of this free resource that is being offered to our organization. For additional information, email