Unity, Love and Respect Testimonials – January 2017

Happy New Year to all of you! We are continuing our monthly initiative to highlight sisters and chapters who are living our principles of Unity, Love and Respect within the sisterhood and their communities. Through this initiative, we recognize the hard work and dedication of our sisters and the beauty that inspires us every day.

Whenever you are inspired by a sister’s actions, please consider submitting a testimonial on her behalf via the OrgSync form: Unity, Love and Respect Testimonial.

Andrea Arellano
Epsilon Kappa Chapter
LOVE – “Andrea Arellano is the Alpha Omicron Alumnae chapter president, her loving personality can brighten up any room. If I could describe my sister in three words I would say she is professional, respectful and kind. Her love and dedication to Lambda Theta Alpha is truly inspiring. Andrea constantly shows her support to our undergraduate chapter and has gladly attended several events that we have hosted. She always shows up with a huge smile on her face, and words of encouragement that come from the heart. I am so thankful that I met Andrea, she motivates me to always believe in myself, the way that she believes in me.” – Yuliana Juarez, Epsilon Kappa Chapter

Shaneese Hernandez
Beta Gamma Chapter 
LOVE“Shaneese Hernandez is the true definition of an Universal Woman. Throughout her time as a sister, she has exemplified our principles of Unity, Love and Respect. She continues to exemplify all of these principles, but today I will focus on the principle of Love. She became a sister of the Beta Gamma chapter in Fall 2012 and has never stopped putting in work since. She held multiple positions from Academic Chair to Vice President and was the host of multiple successful events within our chapter. She graduated with her Bachelors in Business Administration and went on to be our Alumni Chapter Advisor. Her hard work, passion and perseverance has not gone unnoticed throughout the years as she has received awards from the University of South Florida, FLA1 and from our organization on a national level. She is active through the Alpha Upsilon Alumnae Chapter where she currently holds the Chapter Orientation Advisor position. This is only but a high level overview of the LOVE that she has for our organization. She exemplifies love in everything that she does which is shown by the fact that she works in a non-profit organization. She believes in the betterment of our community and knows that it starts within and consistently continues to better herself. She is currently pursuing her MBA, while she has a full time position, serves as COA and is on the National Recruitment Committee. She manages to do all of these tasks without complaining and with a positive and perseverant attitude. She is truly a role model to all of us and should be recognized and thanked, not just today, but everyday of her life. Holding a very special place in my heart, I want to thank you for everything that you have done and will continue to do for our organization and for this world. You are truly appreciated and your work does not go unnoticed!”– Joycelyn Alleyne, Beta Gamma Chapter

Irene Molina
Gamma Chapter
RESPECT – “Irene Molina joined Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated Gamma Chapter in Spring 2015. Upon becoming a sister, she has exemplified the principle of Respect to all sisters she encounters. Welcoming new sisters into our chapter, she is always quick to lend a helping hand and always stays in contact with Alum. Her leadership as Chapter President is always shown in how she takes into account every sister’s opinion. Not afraid to mend any hurt feelings, she finds ways in allowing all sisters to express their feelings and is quick to call out any drama that she may see. She does not criticize; instead she gives productive feedback when it comes to programs and planning to help better us in future events. When talking, she is always careful in choosing her words carefully and always explains her actions.This not only brings us closer as a chapter, it helps us learn respectful ways in voicing our opinions. Handling orientation this semester, senior year as a chemistry major, being chapter president, and a Student Manager of Residential Operations, Irene has tackled it all graciously. Irene Molina has the biggest love for our sisterhood, is quick to defend her sisters, and proudly represent LTA at all times.” – Jhamillex Carmen, Gamma Chapter