Unity, Love and Respect Testimonials – February 2017

Greetings Sisters,

We are continuing our monthly initiative to highlight sisters and chapters who are living our principles of Unity, Love and Respect within the sisterhood and their communities. Through this initiative, we recognize the hard work and dedication of our sisters and the beauty that inspires us every day.

Whenever you are inspired by a sister’s actions, please consider submitting a testimonial on her behalf via the OrgSync form, Unity, Love and Respect Testimonial

KarinaEllisKarina Ellis
Gamma Iota Chapter
RESPECT – “Since the day I met Karina ‘Ellis Island’ Ellis, she’s always held her head up high and I admire her for that. She was initiated into the Gamma Iota Chapter during Fall 2009 and moved to New York about 4 years ago, and ever since Karina has been a wonderful addition to our area. The dictionary defines respect as “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.” It is that without a doubt that Karina exemplifies our principle of respect. When she first moved to New York, just like anyone she was shy and concerned about fitting in to a new environment. She reached out to New York sisters and was immediately loved. I for one, personally admired everything about her. She’s always one step ahead of the game! Always willing to participate in community service, plan events, and make sure that the legacy of LTA continues to shine in her, in us, and in New York. Karina is always mindful and considerate about people’s feelings when it comes to correcting and advising in certain situations and remains respectful. She is her own person! Every time I speak to Karina she inspires me to do better, whether it be LTA related or just in life in general and that’s one of the reasons why I look up to her with the utmost respect!” – Abena Osei-Mensah, Delta Zeta Chapter

JessicaGarciaJessica Garcia
Gamma Kappa Chapter 
LOVE – “Jessica Garcia is a sister from Gamma Kappa Chapter line 5 number 4 Fall 2014. Jessica graduated from the University of New Mexico and is currently an officer in the Army. From the moment Jessica crossed she has demonstrated her love for this sisterhood through the interactions she has with her sisters. When Jessica walks into any room she brings a smile to everyone’s face. Recently Jessica traveled to New Mexico to visit her Gamma Kappa sisters, driving 8 hours on her own just to see us. She helps the undergraduates with their strolling practice and finds the time to spend time with as many sisters as possible when she is here. On our social outlets she is constantly staying in contact. Anytime we talk about Jessica we smile and are thankful for having her in our lives, she reminds us of the love we have for this sisterhood.” – Darlene Castillo, Gamma Kappa Chapter

Texas Area Two BoardTexasArea2
Mariana Campos
Crystal Ronquillo
Veronica Duenas
Nicole Vargas
Maria Ponce
UNITY, LOVE & RESPECT – “The Texas Area 2 Area Board is composed of five amazing sisters who truly embody the principles of our sisterhood. In response to the latest presidential executive orders and memorandums relating to immigration – Texas Area 2 decided to take a stand and develop a grassroots effort to highlight sisters in their area affected by these executive orders and memorandums. For the last couple of weeks, their “Together We Rise” campaign has brought to light so many amazing stories. Stories of our very own sisters who have faced amazing struggles and have risen up to make their communities, families and our sisterhood proud. They have unified an entire community of sisters and given them a “call to arms” to rise up and defend what they believe in. In a lovingly and respectful way they have showcased stories that many of us had never heard, from sisters we didn’t expect, of struggles we could never imagine. I’m so happy to know these sisters and I am honored to be part of an area that works to recognize and celebrate the struggles and victories of ALL our sisters. Texas Area 2’s “Together We Rise” campaign has inspired many sisters across Texas and across the country to continue to fight for those facing injustice and prejudice. Thank you Mariana, Crystal, Nicole, Ponce and Veronica – you’re appreciated more than you know!” – Aleyda Cantu-Olivarez, South Central Regional Supervisor