branding guidelines

The following guidelines have been developed as a foundation for generating brand awareness and recognition that not only maintains the image that our Founding Mothers created, but also increases the quality and efficiency of our communication efforts. It is our goal to create a recognizable brand that leaves a powerful impression. To this end, we have established a set of approved images, colors and typeface.

As a general rule, non-members may not use sorority trademarks or related images without licensure. If permitted, sorority trademarks or related images must always be used pursuant to the specifications provided in the branding guidelines.

Lambda Theta Alpha reserves the right to terminate or modify permission to display the sorority trademarks or related images, and may request that non-members modify or delete any use of the logo that, in the sorority’s sole judgment, does not comply with these guidelines or might otherwise impair its rights. The sorority further reserves the right to object to unfair uses or misuses of its trademarks or other violations of applicable law.

our wordmark

burgundy version

burgundy version

our colors

our typography