Lambda Theta Alpha Reaffirms Commitment to Empowering Our Communities

Empowering Our Communities
Dear Sisters,

Recent events have impacted our communities across the U.S. and have raised a range of emotions within our membership. Despite our political differences, Lambda Theta Alpha remains committed to upholding our values and mission. Our principles of Unity, Love and Respect bond us, and it is imperative now more than ever that we maintain a strong support network to empower ourselves and our communities.

We understand the anxiety, pain and anger as a result of the Presidential Executive Orders and Memorandums, particularly concerning immigration. We must continue to be our sister’s keeper and challenge practices that further marginalize our communities. We truly regret that members of our communities are being disenfranchised due to race, ethnicity, citizenship status, gender, sexual orientation and religious beliefs.

Our sorority has a longstanding history of advocating for social justice and equality. In developing strong leaders who engage in the constant struggle for civil rights, we hold immense power to impact change. Though progress may seem slow, our collective work in empowering the Universal Woman is critical. We shall remain true to our goals of promoting political awareness and community activism, and we urge sisters to continue to serve as a voice for our communities and speak out against injustices.

There are opportunities at the state and local levels to offer support and contribute to the worthy efforts of advocates, community organizers, community members and policymakers. As your leaders, we want to ensure the safety of our members and their families. Recognizing this is a difficult moment for all, we sincerely appreciate sisters mobilizing to offer support and sharing information. Below is a variety of online resources collected from the membership.

Immigration Resources:


Emotional Support and Mental Health:

A Way Forward

Activism is a continuous effort and commitment. We invite you to actively participate in the efforts provided through the sorority, whether nationally or locally, to expand our voice in the political community.

The Political Education Initiative previously shared information regarding a pilot for Lambda Hill Day in conjunction with Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. This is a direct opportunity for our members to meet with elected officials and advocate for our communities. More information is available here.

We recognize and value the contributions that Sisters have made to their communities and resistance to the implications that surround us. We welcome feedback on what we can do as an organization and look forward to providing continued support to our members. Working collaboratively, we can uplift ourselves and our communities to make a difference during this critical time. Know that you are not alone in this struggle and your leadership stands with you and your families.

With Unity, Love and Respect,

Board of Directors